Monday, December 01, 2008

Mumbai massacre: Terrorist business as usual

Naturally, while the terrorists were taking over hotels, targeting restaurants, and pretty much shooting at anything that moved--over 170 people perished in the coordinated attacks--they just had to go out of their way, both literally and figuratively, to target a nondescript house in a residential neighborhood far from the hotel district just because it happened to be the local Chabad headquarters. (There are even reports that they may have killed the hands that housed them.) After all, what's a Muslim terrorist attack--anywhere in the world, for any reason--without a few dead Jews?

That's the most bitterly sarcastic sentence I've ever written--and may it be the only one I ever write. I pray for healing for the wounded, and for consolation for the loved ones of the deceased, targeted victims and would-be rescuers, Jew and non-Jew.

Deceased at Nariman House/Beit Chabad:

Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg
Rebbitzen (rabbi's wife) Rivka Holtzberg
Rabbi Leibish Teitlebaum
Rabbi Bentzion Chroman
Yocheved Orpaz

Another Jewish victim murdered in the onslaught (per a Tuesday, December 2, 2008 update from Chabad):

Norma Schwartzblatt-Rabinowitz

I give thanks to the G-d in whom I'm not sure I believe (we'll worry about that some other time) for the release (unharmed, to the best of my knowledge) of Rabbi and Rebbitzen Holtzberg's two-year old son, Moshe, who was rescued by his Indian nanny and taken to Israel by his maternal grandparents.) He has already lost both of his parents. May he be spared any further sorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why, Islamist forces have declared as their enemies the "Crusader" United States, it's ally, the "Zionist Entity," and the Jews.

We are not some innocent bystanders in this war, as our New Yorker Jewish brethren always think, we are the secondary targets.

When the Japanese attacked the US on Pearl Harbor, the US declared War on both Japan and Germany, it's ally, and Italy, the other ally. The order, justification, etc., is irrelevant... the Germans weren't "victims," they were our targets.

There is a war, and our desire to not be involved is about as meaningful as Belgium's desire to be left alone before WW II. Bury our dead, remember our Martyrs, and continue fighting. Peace is not a wish, it's an absence of hostilities, and both sides need to choose it.

May Hashem avenge their blood.

Mon Dec 01, 09:34:00 AM 2008  

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